Will Online Fitness Coaching Help Me Achieve Results?

In a world where every company and every brand is competing for our attention, what should clients seeking fitness guidance pay attention to? Unfortunately, many have settled for fixating on the exterior looks of a great body, incredible physical performance, and well-being. All are normally good indicators that someone has expertise in teaching others to be healthy and fit. However, in today’s world, many of these results can be fabricated or gained at a high risk to health, safety, and sanity.

As a result, many seekers of a better healthier and more fit life see the prize of six pack abs, innate athletic prowess, and superior skills dangling in front of them through the glass on their laptops and cellphones. The only problem is, when they look in the mirror, the reality is they don’t have it… yet. They don’t have what those fitness influencers have… or so they think.

It has become increasingly harder for people searching for a true fitness transformation from within to find the right guidance and the right coaching online. In many ways, the world has become more attractive a thousand times over. More death defying feats, hotter bodies, more exciting adventures, and faster cars

Many are wondering, where do I begin? How can I get to that extreme level of fitness, or happiness, or freedom?

It is in this gap, that true fitness transformation coaches separate themselves from mere social media influencers. Is it possible for real authentic transformation coaches to be social media influencers? Absolutely! Is it possible for fitness social media influencers to all be transformation coaches? Maybe…

However, in all likelihood, most of the fitness influencers you are following have something in common: A FOCUS ON THEMSELVES rather than YOUR transformation!

For men, as you watch the freestyle calisthenics masters flip over the bar in aerial acrobatics, the bodybuilder bench 500 lbs, the Yogi twist himself into a pretzel, you might wonder, “Am I being inspired to take action to get results on my body or am I a spectator watching others compete in a circus for entertainment?” More importantly, “Why am I watching a circus and not focusing on my meal plan and workouts? Do they really have what I want? I just want to know the steps to take on how to do a pistol squat.”

If all the people you follow on Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook, are amazing and inspire you to achieve more and do more, that’s great. Hats off to them!

There’s one problem. Depending on their level of success, it took a special kind of knowledge, skills, habits, coaching, and dedication to reach their level of Peak Performance. The ultimate question is how much of this history of their transformation are they sharing? Secondly, you may not aspire to their level of peak performance, and if you follow the little tidbits of advice that you do get from watching as a spectator, it could lead you to injury, regression, and dismal results.

I am making this clear to define a real difference between online fitness coaching and self-serving online enter-trainment and influence online and social media.

When a social media influencer’s only goal is to “get more followers,” you become one of those followers. You are then ready to devour the next piece of content. You want to be awed by the next amazing feat, and be shocked by their fearlessness, lack of shame, nudity, or allured by the seemingly effortless results they’ve obtained. You get distracted, rather than focusing on YOUR path. The problem is not the circus. The problem is why we are watching the circus and not working on our real lives

As an example for men, some super acrobatic gymnastic athletic tumblers love to run in puddles of water up to a post or up a wall and do a backflip gainer in slow motion landing and creating an epic splash like a Sonic The Hedgehog video game move. Some freestyle calisthenics experts love to do handstands on the sides of buildings risking a fall to their death, or do 540 spins on a pull up bar with one arm. While these feats may be “entertaining” to watch, and are incredibly visible nowadays, are they inspiring you, motivating you, or distracting you?

As an example, for women, some super figure Insta-models like to show their pics of their bodies (mainly flat abs, boobs, and butt) to demonstrate their high level of fitness. They also may demonstrate exercises without sweating, perfect hair and makeup, as well as perfect angles of photos. They also may pose semi-nude holding some dumbbells to demonstrate their outstanding physique. And while the behaviors gain followers of salivating men for them, it doesn’t help any other women achieve their real fitness goals. In fact, many Insta-models promote supplements to their female followers without any kind of support or real plan, or truth about their workouts or eating habits. Women who work on their health and fitness seriously know the difference.

What does the future hold for online fitness coaching?

The question is the same as it’s always been? Why have we always been focused with the perfect magazine cover? Is it evolution? Maybe the online enter-trainment movement on social media has brought us all back to the primal evolutionary “clout chasing” for status of men trying to do the most powerful and courageous feats, and women who can simply be the prettiest, sexiest, and most fertile. It might not be so bad, if people weren’t short cutting these achievements with Photoshop, steroids, and camera effects. There is nothing new about this in society. Television, magazines, music videos, and movies have all used action heroes and hot models to entice and sell.

The challenge nowadays is that real fitness, peak performance, and online trainers are challenged to cut through all this noise to communicate to a select few, how we deliver real results to people who need real strategies,  and real transformation, for their specific goals and body types.

What a lot of people don’t know about many fitness influencers who are focused more on display rather than service, is that even for men who do extreme freestyle calisthenics or street gymnastics that impress followers and generate millions of views, they themselves can begin over-identifying with their skills and the attention they get for it on social media. So while a man may have visible six pack abs and a lean cut physique, he could be tossing and turning every night in anxiety to maintain what he thinks is a level of perfection based on other people’s perception rather than his own health. The same holds true for women over-identifying with their “perfect” body and instagram following.

This instant gratification one-up manship mentality simply isn’t sustainable.

People who continue to compete and compete for the “best” image until they can’t keep up are setting themselves up to crash. And when they can no longer compete (if they have no other identity) they are left with a very crushing blow to the Ego. What is their value without feats and followers? People either get injured, burn out, or crash and burn. Behind the scenes of peak performance and social media fitness influencers can be very eye opening.

My point here, is not to take anything away from those truly inspiring athletes who are pushing the limits and challenging themselves to be better athletes by breaking out of comfort zones and displaying it on social media. I’m more focused on those of you who are individuals who want a sustainable, reliable, reduced risk, and reduced injury path to peak performance.

In conclusion, what you are witnessing on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, are the equivalent of what used to be Magazines, Television, and Movies. Unfortunately, nowadays there are no gatekeepers, so everyone can “produce” their own content without having proof of its validity. What you have to remember is what you are looking for in terms of process, education, empowerment, and tangible action steps, rather then being blinded by fame and glamor. When you look deeper into the service we are providing behind the windows of our Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook is where you find a treasure map to the fountain of youth… or in some cases… nothing at all. No matter what you do, you will have to work for it to see results.

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