There are only a few times that I get thoroughly aggravated or upset with misleading health and fitness content online. However, this is an extreme dietary fad that simply doesn’t make any sense for the average person, but it’s starting to catch fire online and sane fitness professionals need to put it in check real quick!

Upon reviewing Elliot Hulses latest videos, I couldn’t help but to be intrigued by his post of 40 things he was wrong about by Age 40. I’ve been exposed to Elliot’s videos since 2013 and I was never a strongman competitor so I don’t compare myself in that regard. I focus on my function purpose and those who need what I teach.

However, nutrition is universal, and being that I am getting up there in age close to 40, (although i still feel like I’m 24) I thought to myself, wow I’ve never suffered any extreme injuries as he has, but let me still hear and see if I share any of these “mis-thoughts.” I actually didn’t, but perhaps it’s because I’ve never taken extreme stances on things I don’t find the need to represent.

But his latest rant “Veggies are Trash!” (so clickbaitable right) or his attitude leaning into an absolute dogmatic hatred towards vegetables and fruit get me a bit intrigued, and almost slightly pissed off out of my normal Zen state of mind. I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I’d consider myself an optimized eater. I eat what works for my body: chicken, turkey, fish, and red meat now and then.

Sitting here at a popular Oba Mercado here in Brazil literally staring at the Açougue (Carne And Aves) section I realized what an amazing thing for humanity to have gotten to this point that we can make such extreme choices as deciding “I’m Vegan!” or “I’m Carnivore!”.

I at one point, in my life in my early twenties, I tried Alkalizing My Body with an Alkalarian Diet and found beneficial cleansing benefits similar to intermittent fasting (I’ll cover this in another blog) from liquefying greens and reducing my diet to alkalizing foods. It was the closest I’d gotten to ever being vegan, but I was extreme with it at the time and I went down from about 160lbs to 134lbs when I was 22. But that wasn’t fat I lost… it was mostly muscle! I see it now, with wisdom ( to be a cleansing tool only) not an identity! That’s why I don’t preach about it, but if someone or myself needs it for a period of time it could be useful. Any extreme diet should be viewed this way. In fact, one of the counters to this absurd Carnivore diet is that it is purely Acid forming in the body.

Yet, the energy benefits of alkalizing were very powerful, I wrote an entire book during that period. I didn’t exactly want to lose weight and actually experienced the change as more of a spiritual discovery, so I eventually phased meat back in and regained muscle. Oh and I was light …my mom thought I was becoming a monk at the time. 

For those of you who are a bit new to this latest craze entitled “The Carnivore Diet” and championed as “Meat Heals” proposes that you can live off of meat alone and you can get all your nutrients by eating an animal, particularly a cow, from “nose to tail” as they say. Elliot Hulse even interviewed a doctor named Saladino (Salad …how ironic?) who started his YouTube channel six months ago (which gives me reason to believe he’s jumping into the fad trend early to leverage his expertise and cash in). But that’s online my opinion and would be also for another blog. 

Now, I’m already not the best meat eating maniac in the world, but even as quickly as I have been able to stop on a dime and pivot with food plans, and dietary restrictions, supplementation, and various plans this idea just immediately turned me off. And it wasn’t because of mountains and mountains of scientific data, or studies. I think people get lost in these things and forget to think with “Common sense!” 

So I’m sitting here staring at the meat section in Oba and this store is kind of like a Wholefoods in Brazil: Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Beverages, Bakery etc. All I can think about is these fools arguing over micro-nutrients in Vegan and Carnivore Diets. 

We live in An abundant food rich world even in countries some consider “less developed” like Brazil in cities like Campinas and São Paulo people have access to grocery stores like the U.S. and these Carnivorous fools think people are really going to walk past all the luscious fresh fruit, beautiful rainbow of vegetables, choices of dairy and healthy grains and race straight back to a wall of bloody meat and that’s all they are going to eat all week ? All month? All year? Seriously !?  The irony in the arguments of dietary extremists is very simple:

“Real hard working and even smart working people with better things to do in life than base their entire identity off a meal plan simply know better than to be sucked into these zealous cesspools of tomfoolery!”

In my nutrition education and working for a decade with hundreds of clients in New York City from all walks of life,  and Miami, and meeting thousands I never came across one client who could stick to their meal plan 100%! I can’t even stick to my meal plan 100%! Yet Vegans And Carnivore maniacs claim that these extremely perfectionist dietary choices are somehow good for them to preach and teach to the world ?! No!

And the only people they can attack are each other because they are the only ones defensive enough to be on extreme polar opposite ends of such bullshit! It’s a free world, if these people want to experiment with life and death and their nutrient consumption have at it! But what bothers me is the mass viral proliferation of this stupidity. It creates doubt, it creates whacky conspiracies like “The government is conspiring to make us eat Vegetables!” It’s just silly. It’s idiotic. 

Dietary extremists, like religious zealots are just trying your own wild shit! Just tell the world you are extremists, and stop with the long winded hourlong rants and youtube debates about your micronutrient research.

At the end of the day people are struggling to get the basic servings of food In their body right, like enough water, enough fat, enough proteins, enough carbohydrates, and water, how can you expect a person to commit to eating a cow from nose to tail over the course of a week or months? 

Integrated Nutrition and Precision Nutrition (of which I am certified as a Fitness nutrition specialist) cover many individualized dietary choices, just as people of good faith are warned about religious extremists! Some of the battles that the Carnivores and Vegans are promoting online is actually like Prize-Fighting. It seems these are people more after significance and a sense of identity then actually promoting a healthy lifestyle. Their identity just happens to hinge on drinking animal blood or plant blood. 

If a person struggles with drinking water everyday, do these fools actually think people are going to put cow brains and lungs on their shopping list? And for the Vegans: Tempeh and SoyBurgers? It’s absurd to even consider the average American constructing some of the Vegan meals. Have these fools ever watched people shop for groceries for one hour or done a grocery store tour with clients? Whatever motivations caused individuals to take these extremist approaches to eating, God only knows but a sincere need for Significance comes to Mind. Carnivore Diet “meat heals” Rhetoric is increasing day by day. How? Viral idiocy!  Even Joe Rogan’s guest debunked their cherry picking studies:

I even posted a comment, “Elliott Hulse come on man, be at least a little more responsible… If a Carnivore diet is only a personal choice for you state your disclaimer “This may not be for everyone”.  Most people aren’t getting enough vegetables or fruits or WATER even as it is, and some people could follow your influence and blindly follow this diet to their own demise:

  • While it may be necessary for a tiny minority, the carnivore diet will present health challenges for many people.
  • The carnivore diet is high in inflammatory amino acids that have been linked to cancer growth.
  • By creating a constant stream of protein waste, the carnivore diet burdens the liver, kidneys and colon.
  • The carnivore diet could increase the risk for urinary tract infection in some women.
  • The carnivore diet increases the risk for heart disease, especially in certain genotypes
  • To loosely Say: “veggies are trash” is a good catchy click bait title for Youtube and only a way to provoke war with Zealous Vegans. Yet it, it is not an intelligent way to communicate nutritional options for individuals. Vegetables contain Water, Oxygen, and Vitamins… if they were “trash,” billions of people wouldn’t have survived on them for centuries. “Vegetables are high in fiber, which means your digestive system will work more efficiently and regularly when your vegetable intake increases.” To force your stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and colon to rip through flesh on an all day every day with no fiber or vegetables look at this guy talk about his digestion on Carnivore diet has left some people constipated with a surgeon having to remove dry feces from their rectum, what kind of healthy choice is that?

In conclusion, eat a well-balanced diet, and if you have sever auto-immune issues or food intolerances find out what’s causing them through a simple process of them and eliminate the foods that bother you. But if you play food roulette and  try these extreme methods and eat meat for breakfast lunch and dinner, you are taking big risks for little gains, be warned about the risks of heart disease and cancer! 

Do not jump on extreme diet bandwagons! Do not starve yourself into a skeleton thinking you can only survive on Tempeh. Do not think you can only survive on eating meat online. Be informed about the side-effects of any dietary path. And as far as your weight loss or muscle building solution, do what makes f$(*^%g sense. Don’t confuse the effects of fasting and changing the diet, that there are other factors leading to changes in your body not just the food you are putting into it. Shop the perimeter of the store, eat enough variety of meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits, and Whole Foods like an indigenous warrior who never had access to YouTube would, if you don’t like something like Dairy or pork or meat exercise your right to cut it out for your own benefit and know what vitamins you may be missing and what to replace that give you the energy, nutrients, and enjoyment you need to live your life. As they say all this other B.S. is “for the birds!” Now let’s get back to working on your “Transformation From Within!”

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