I’m Adebayo A. Olorounto, aka “BAYO” the creator and founder of B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. (B-odyweight, A-wareness, Y-oga, O-perational Trx, Nutrition, Integrated movement, K-icking, S-triking) and Wellness Warrior Academy providing online fitness coaching, and mobile workouts for travel, TRX, bodyweight exercises, Futbol, and martial arts training online. I have been a Peak Performance Coach – NASM-CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (Pn1), Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor for 10 years. I started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer at New York City’s high end fitness clubs, including Crunch, Equinox on Wall St., & Reebok Sports Club NY and later Fight Club in Miami. I have experience training individuals from all walks of life. In my content online, I also cover topics related to healthier living, mental and emotional well being, peak performance, success, personal & lifestyle development, and transformation from within! Enjoy!

“Healthier, Better, Faster, Stronger…”

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. ™ is personal development, lifestyle design, health & fitness, and peak performance system. It is a process of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness conditioning which is a continuum flow of applied biomechanics, mental peak performance conditioning, visualization, spoken incantation, nutritional health, and high standards of physical fitness.

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. evolves from scaled progression based on one’s own strength & ability. It recognizes that human beings seek the highest tranquility in peace and stillness, yet prepares human beings for the most rigorous or chaotic physical challenges, including focused productivity, combatives, survival, preventing injury, and sustained athletic performance.

The 8 Attributes of B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. ™ Warriors

These are the qualities of well-being, mastery, and skills generated from this conditioning:

1 – B-odyweight Mastery/Calisthenics

2 – A- wareness/Proprioception/Motor Visual Rehearsal

3 – Y-oga Flexibility/Energy Systems/Chi/Breathing

4 – O- perational Readiness/Functional Strength & Power

5 – N-utrition, Hydration, & Supplement Fuel

6 – I-ntegrated Movement Activation/Natural Total Body Harmony

7 – K- icking/Hip Mobility

8 – S-triking/Shoulder Mobility

WHY B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. ™ Over Other Fitness Training Systems?

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. ™ harnesses true innovations of the future which will continue to come from an expansion of holistic personal development, education, and training, particularly in the area of the psychology of motivation, exercise adherence, and behavioral change.

Understanding the psychological processes of successful behavioral physical change in peak performance – and how to master it is essential to all individuals seeking better physical well-being and long-term athletic performance.

Left: Evander Holyfield “To Be A Champion You Have To Brush Shoulders With Champions!” – Bayo