The Origin Story Of B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S.

Every man has their own story… this is mine…

The seed of my life as a health and fitness coach started with a soccer ball at my feet.

Little did I know that those tiny movements would manifest 40 years later as an entire way of life! Little did I know, that I would have conducted thousands of personal training sessions with hundreds of personal training clients in New York City and Miami or that I would speak Portuguese after living four years in Brazil (South America) teaching men and women from all over the world B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. my entire peak performance system for Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being that I synthesized and perfected for over a decade! Like Steve Jobs said, only in hindsight do the dots connect!

As a kid, I was inspired by movies like Hot Shot, about a maverick soccer player who moved to Brazil to learn from the master Pele. I later realized that this movie is a metaphor for what I’ve done with my personal training and coaching clients. I’ve coached men and women from all walks of life. When the student is ready the teacher appears. As the years have gone on, I’ve been that sought-out teacher, and it’s humbling, to say the least.

Sometimes ALL we have in common IS our “determination to be the best!”

I was just a young boy in the 80’s playing sports, and although I tried baseball, football, and basketball, I knew my athletic strength was in soccer. I would kick those balls over and over in my front yard on Blue Haven Drive in Huntsville, and as a soccer player on the dusty fields of Huntsville, AL. It was in that grass and dirt where I learned what a goal is and how to score one and win in life. I was always in some kind of sport or athletic pursuit!

In my early years, my parents divorced by the time I was three, and by the time I was eight, my father moved to a small town called Radford, Virginia. At first, I hated leaving all my friends behind I would visit him in the summers. But I would return to Huntsville for the school year always a bit wiser and unique in my experiences.

Once I turned thirteen, I found a stick in my garage and tied a water jug to each end, and started lifting “weights.” My homemade weight set didn’t last long but I was on my way. I’ve always had a champion’s spirit and I appreciated learning, practice, progress, and getting better. To this very day, I impart this same RELENTLESS work ethic to every one of my clients. It’s about working smarter and harder and finding out what you are made of!

It was interesting in those years, although my time with my dad was not like living with a nuclear family day to day, during those summers I got to experience the importance of masculine identity, guidance, and male bonding. I remember reading magazines in his house like Men’s Health. Guys, do you remember these magazines? Maybe you still read them!

It was always clear in my mind, that it is important for a man to take care of his mind, body, and soul. I wanted to know what worked.

Years later, I played soccer and ran indoor track in high school, and was introduced to formal weightlifting in my freshman year at Radford High School. I started as a freshman on the varsity soccer team and I took it seriously, but I wasn’t a “beast” in the weight room in high school.

I dreamed of playing soccer in college and maybe even professionally. Due to my smaller size, I was always the underdog, so I had to be tougher, more resilient, savvier, and more strategic than bigger athletes.

As early as the age of sixteen, I read books like The Achievement Zone by Shane Murphy about mental toughness. I never believed that success in sports, fitness, or life was only about talent alone. I knew the talent was 20%, the rest was the 80% I put into it. That was just a percentage, the rest was in my effort. If there was anything more to it, I was going to find it! There were young men taller than me, faster than me, bigger than me, and stronger than me, but my power was always rooted in my MIND!

It was only when I got to college at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN, and I had access to a high-quality gym facility, friends to spot me, football players to compete with, and plenty of discussion between reps that I became a weightlifting fanatic. That was around 1999, sorry I don’t have more pictures, we didn’t take pictures every day like selfie-maniacs back then. We saved pictures for special moments! There were no iPhones or apps!

Me in front of the central library where I worked at Vanderbilt.

Oddly enough, I never considered personal training, fitness coaching, or anything in the fitness industry as a potential career choice. I just thought it was cool to have muscles and it helped me attract girls. I know, that’s very profound for a 21-year-old, right?

However, I did have a “deep” side. At the age of 21, I had an enlightened “Samurai” moment after I dropped out of Vanderbilt, when a good friend of mine in Clarksville, TN introduced me to different forms of martial arts, meditation, African history, and other esoteric subjects.

In the summer, I would lift weights at Gold’s Gym in Clarksville, TN. Each step of the way, there were friends, coaches, personal trainers, and others who gave me tips, like “Don’t take steroids or you’ll have raisin nuts.” Ya gotta love the wisdom.

I devoured personal development material from the world’s greatest coaches. I was also very into Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and all forms of leadership and entrepreneurship.

I became vegetarian for a while and lost about 30 pounds! I annihilated my “body-building” ego and lost a lot of weight! (For the record, I do not recommend this). I actually was losing fat and muscle, not good!

Yet, I was learning about my body and that my true power was rooted in my mind and spirit. I could develop Transformation From Within! This is my core mantra these days.

I dove deeply into my spiritual pursuits and began to learn that I was not just a physical body. I am mind, body, and soul having a physical experience. Yet, I was determined to have big success as an entrepreneur, I was after the big bucks in real estate, then self-publishing books, recording music, and speaking.

All those pursuits eventually led me to New York City in the summer of 2007 to make it big in the Big Apple. I worked a variety of odd jobs, while I sold my books on the trains, had nightlife jobs, and explored my artistic pursuits.

There was only one problem….can you guess what it was?

My humble room in Harlem, NY where I dreamed of the sunny beaches of Brasil.

The money wasn’t enough to survive on…

…AND my health and well-being weren’t so great. I was waking up in the middle of the day and staying up late working around smoky night spots, where people drank, cursed, and puffed weed. Not exactly healthy.

Often, rent was overdue, and I’d have that age-old self-analysis, “What the hell am I doing with my life?!”

One day, in early 2008, I made a decision. I decided that if I was to survive in NYC for the long haul, I had to sell something that I could sell consistently and sell well, something I really believed in. I would never sell my soul. I didn’t see myself selling cars. I wasn’t excited about selling gadgets or T.V.s or furniture, so I decided I would sell something that was as true to my core as my DNA, something I loved but had no clue how to sell: HEALTH AND FITNESS.

I decided I would sell gym memberships. I roamed around NYC, going into gyms, filling out applications, and leaving resumes on gym owners’ and managers’ desks, until I got hired by Crunch Fitness on W42nd St. & 11th Avenue.

They actually got to participate in the transformations of clients. I wanted to make a deeper impact, so I went all out and became a personal trainer. At one point, I was the highest-selling personal trainer at my gym in Brooklyn, until I branched out to open my own fitness studio (in a storage garage). It failed. But, I learned a lot.

After about a year of selling the gym memberships, I started noticing the personal trainer’s lifestyle.

I humbled myself, and I went on to become a personal trainer at Crunch, then on my own independently, then to work for Equinox, and reached the highest level in their system as a Tier 3+ Trainer, and also conducted my private sessions and boot camps all over New York City.

I started to formulate my own style of programming based on hundreds of books I read, all the fitness certifications I held, workshops, and modalities. To make a long story short. The rest was history. B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. was my destiny.

“I don’t know if I’m a genius or not…

because I still can’t figure out how to quit…

for many years quitting and giving up on

my ideas “seemed” like a genius idea.

I celebrate the fact that I never did,

and I’m still here!” – Bayo

You are the champion…

I am your ultimate coach.

For me, B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. has become my way of life and is my primary training philosophy now. I only incorporate programs that synergize, overlap, or meet my requirements under B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. principles. As you can see, my conclusions about human potential have only ripened after 9 years of carefully thinking about working out this way and training thousands of people under these guidelines. B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. is like my master thesis and an informal dissertation in physical movement. Make no mistake, I will write a book on this for the layman…eventually.

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. has lasted the test of time. I have modified a couple of words. I have added modalities to help each of the pillars/attributes. At its core, it is a highly harmonized method of thinking about exercise in a holistic and systemic manner. Currently at 42 years of age, with no severe injuries or joint ailments, I’d like to believe that I am an excellent example of its potential. Many young trainers and health coaches are doing wild exercises online and with their clients, but the true masters will be able to sustain their level of fitness for decades or more without injury to themselves or their clients.

Chatting and snapping a quick photo with the Champ Himself Evander Holyfield

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. is still the ultimate best that I am striving for in my potential movement. As your coach, my responsibility is to help you awaken B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. in your movement habits, and become an extraordinarily dynamic and powerful human being.

Striving for excellence in each of the pillars unlocks potential in various aspects of your body, joint mobility, flexibility, strength, skill development, and on and on.

Like Deepak Chopra says, “Ageless Body. Timeless Mind!”


In life, you will get knocked down… but it’s better to be moving forward when you do than standing still. We are encouraged to keep going by those who don’t stop…

OUr WELLNESS WARRIOR community is waiting

You’re not alone.
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