The method behind B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. is to build an 8 point solid foundation of Strength and Power, that is equally balanced with joint mobility, fluidity, co-ordination, and functional flexibility. Most programs I encountered in over a decade of training, lacked a harmony of all these important components. Often they were always separated, creating a problem with imbalance.

No human being is a set standard template of behavior and action. Therefore it is important to assess correctly exactly what you need for what you want to do, whether it be sport, combative, recreation, or injury prevention. Often, most training programs assess needs very generally, but not in a thorough and comprehensive manner that allow you to see the gaps from where you are to your full potential. And many training programs focus only on aesthetics while ignoring function, and well-being.

Program Structure

After completing a questionnaire assessing your potential in the 8 attributes of B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. a custom program is designed to give you a well rounded wheel of well-being. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Some athletes or fighters may be strong but overly tight. Some from yoga or meditation background may be lacking strength and co-ordination. I designed the Warrior Wheel to help you assess on a scale of (0 – 10, 0 meaning non-functioning, and 10 functioning at world-class levels). This holistic approach allows you to approach a program within the time you have available for the appropriate needs.


 Programs are available for 3-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month time-frames. Thereafter, upon assessment, can be renewed depending on your needs as a client.

Online Coaching

– Warrior Of Well-Being Assessment – Our evaluation and foundation for the direction of your program.
– Nutrition plan (based on macronutrient breakdown, with meal plan options)
– And 1 Hr. weekly transformational coaching session (over the phone or Video Chat (Skype, Zoom, FB Mssngr, Whatsapp).

BONUS: A weekly module detailing BAYONIKS principles important in creating and sustaining your ideal body & movement.