Your RoadMap To Being An Elite Mobile Warrior...


From: Bayo Olorunto

RE: The Elite Mobile Warrior Road Map (From Sick And Tired… To Ageless Body & Timeless Mind).

Dear Road Warrior;

You have chosen a lifestyle that puts you on the front lines of commerce: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.

Yes indeed, you are already a road warrior…

I want to help you transform into an ELITE MOBILE WARRIOR!

Whether you are a Commercial Pilot, CEO, Upper Level Executive, Digital Nomad, or Remote Entrepreneur, one thing is for certain… YOU are the SOURCE of ALL your business.

You must perform well for your business to perform well …if you want to have more success.

In my 10 years in the fitness industry, I have worked with hundreds of clients, and met thousands of people. I’m no genius. I’ve simply had the time, opportunity, and fortune of working with people over and over again to overcome the same old patterns:

  • “The Travel 20” – That extra 20lbs. that seems to grown on you from life on the road…
  • “Jet Lag” – from all those ‘redeye’ flights that depart at night and arrive the next morning…
  • “Nightcaps” – for all those business deals you want to close late…amidst ‘social drinking’…
  • “F.O.M.O.” – Fear Of Missing Out – lavish dinners, deserts… wine, ‘carte blanche’ on the company tab…

I have helped so many of my clients face these ‘demons’…

They are demons! You know they are… I know they are… but why do we let these ‘indulgences’ creep up on us?

Well, I tried EVERYTHING to figure out how to get my clients to stick to my fitness and nutrition programs. I wanted my clients to feel the sense of freedom and power on the road, for them to use travel and NOT let travel use and abuse them.

It wasn’t until I learned what I revealed in the training above (essentially my B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. Philosophy and System) that I knew I could set them free from the self-defeating pattern of stress induced adrenal fatigue, weight gain, and ruined personal and professional relationships.

I want this freedom for you too, and I’d love to help you become Elite!

Once you’ve watched the training above, if you’re ready to end your struggle with how to stay fit and healthy while traveling and move towards a life filled with movement, energy, confidence, achievement, fulfillment and freedom fast, then reserve your spot now  for your Complimentary Elite Mobile Warrior Strategy Call by clicking the Yellow button above.

Once you schedule your call, fill out the application to secure your spot to (it’s just 5 quick questions). You MUST fill out this application for your appointment to be confirmed.

Once this is complete you’ll have your spot reserved to get your own personalized Elite Mobile Warrior Blueprint that leads to a mindset and customized sustainable fitness strategy for you while traveling, a full range of functional skills, strong, lean, and supple muscles. You’ll also release body fat, unwanted stress, and revitalize normal, balanced, and loving relationships at home, work, or at play!

AdeBayo A. Olorunto (Founder Of B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. Mobile Warrior Academy)

On Your Elite Mobile Warrior Breakthrough Strategy Call we'll work one-on-one with you to...

  • Uncover your primary stressors on the road, and help you understand your destructive habits.
  • Discover your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a business traveler.
  • Cut through your habitual confusion, help you get unstuck, and determine the best solutions for you to come back from trips energized rather than drained.
  • Create a clear cut plan for you to have a positive success feedback loop…differentiate between “on mission” and “off mission” days so you can achieve mastery over your time, essentials, and equipment.
  • Uncover what you need to do to have an Elite Mindset, that is not bothered by flight delays, stress, business losses, or changes in itinerary.
  • And decide whether or not we are a good fit to work together to use the effective and proven strategy that myself and hundreds of clients have successfully used to achieve total freedom over health and career success while traveling, and conquering the friendly skies for good!


Don't be the stressed psychopath road warrior...

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I look forward to guiding you to a life filled with career success, travel, fun, achievement, fulfillment, love, and freedom! Reserve your spot now by clicking the button above and then apply (short 5 question survey) to get on a call with myself and receive your personalized Elite Mobile Warrior Blueprint Strategy that will give you a strategy to break out of your struggle and into freedom.


Transformation From Within,


AdeBayo A. Olorunto (Founder Of B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. Mobile Warrior Academy)