“Bayo taught me how to box! Bayo is the best!” – AFFY P.

“Training with with Bayo has been one of the most positive things I have done on my fitness journey. It all started with him, not only did I learn how to physically train my body but most importantly he guided through the nutrition aspects. Loved the energy and friendship I gained. He’s always willing to answer questions and guide me as needed.” -Heysel L.

B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. Technical Boxing Semi-Private Group Class

I lost 80lbs with B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S. !!!

This is a note from my journal back when I was training with Bayo… I was a bit discouraged but he helped me lose so much body fat, I just want to inspire anyone out there. If I can do this you can too! Here it is…

“Bayo and I have continued training throughout January (2012) and just last Friday we did a body reassessment. I feel really great but emotional setbacks are always lurking. Bayo helps me through it. We discuss the negative people who try to sabotage your success and the positive people. I have lost a total of 27 lbs. (I was 281lbs now I’m down to 254lbs) My body fat % is down to 44% I can run a mile quicker in 13min at higher speeds on treadmill (5.0mph -6.0mph) I am no longer of the mindset of “yeah it can be done but” I am now of the mindset “I am doing this”. I am so grateful for meeting Bayo. I look forward to our training sessions. He is calm, encouraging and professional. I joked with him that I didn’t feel much soreness after a workout one time, that didn’t last long… he pushed me even harder! My goal is to lose 25 more lbs by April 2012 down to 220lbs for a total of 50lbs. I am working hard and staying focused thanks to Bayo’s encouragement.” (Updated Note* I ended up losing a total of 80lbs!! getting my weight down to 200lbs) – Gabrielle D.B.

“After having a baby and consistently battling weight issues I was determined this time to end the yoyo cycle of weight loss. I started by setting a goal with preparing for a 4 mile marathon (which I felt deep down was somewhat unrealistic). I returned to the gym and started the treadmill the first week of November 2011. It was hard and I was feeling discouraged. I continued the next couple of days and that next week Bayo walked over to me and introduced himself to me. He asked me what my goals were and discussed doing an assessment of my body. I was unsure and self-conscience of the idea of discussing my issues with a trainer. I gave Bayo my information and said to myself “if he contacts me I will meet up with him”.

He actually did contact me and I meet with him a few days later. We did a body assessment and discussed my goals. I told Bayo about getting healthy for my kids and husband, the important events I had coming up, the marathon, and feeling comfortable in my own body. He was so positive and told me how it can all be done. I was not as positive as he was. We discussed the diet I was following and how weight loss has been for me in the past. He told me about how cardio and muscle building together work and combining the two will give me the best results. He was informative and knowledgeable. Bayo was so positive that he had me believing by the end of the assessment that my goals could be accomplished. After some thought and considering the expense of personal training I told myself I have to invest in myself. I decided to sign up for personal training sessions. When we began the training it was difficult.

I am always up for new experiences and Bayo introduced me to boxing. The first day was so hard getting used to footwork and body positioning but it was fun. We are now boxing one day a week and I have purchased my own boxing gloves.

Bayo had me doing things I had never done before. Every exercise he explained and watched me to make sure I had proper form. We spoke a lot about having small goals to lead to the big goals. Bayo would advise me to have a positive mindset and tell me: ‘If your brain is prepared for what to do, it will happen naturally’ It was the holiday season, I was feeling encouraged by that time, but Bayo and I still discussed how I was going to get through the holiday season.

We talked about getting to the gym and ways to cut back on calories He told me food was a way to refuel my body so it can work well. (I continue to tell myself those words to help make the right food choices) I was starting to feel better, but with feeling better there is always emotional setbacks, especially me being a woman. It was about a month into personal training and Bayo and I sat for a body reassessment and I totally freaked out. The scale was not saying the number it had said from two days prior. I had six lbs. extra. I was an emotional wreck. Bayo was so positive, he was pleased I had lost 12 lbs. He talked me off the ledge, he told me not to obsess over the numbers on the scale, but worry about the numbers on the treadmill and trying to go faster and longer. I was doing everything positive and it will eventually balance and everything would work out.

The holidays came and I was able to forgo all the dessert and splurging. I was so happy with myself. I have been on a weight loss journey before but I have always splurge with a small piece of cake or a cookie. I took his advice and on my off days from training I was on the treadmill jogging faster and pushing myself. The new year brought a new challenge, recently, my family and I were invited to a friend’s house. I was trying to avoid eating there but they insisted we come for dinner. She was going to order pizza. I was freaking out. “My diet doesn’t include pizza what was I going to do?” I thought about it and told myself I will bring my own food. I discussed this decision with Bayo. He thought it was great idea, but we discussed it deeper, why I was freaking out, why was I embarrassed to bring my own food?He helped me understand how questions direct my focus, and to ask better questions to search for better answers. The night ended up going really well and they acknowledged the changes in my body.